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Loan Officers

David Platteter, Bath

David Platteter located at our Main Office in Bath, is our Senior Vice President overseeing the bank’s lending department amongst other key responsibilities like bank security. He started his banking career at Bangor Savings Bank where he worked as a night teller and loan processor, before moving to First Federal Savings & Loan for the last 28 years. He’s an avid continuous learner and can be found listening in on webinars daily, taking nights classes, and completing the Graduate School of Banking Colorado program in 2013 for emerging leaders in the bank industry.

As a Bath area resident for nearly 50 years, David knows the community we support and the needs of its residents as well if not better than anyone else. Customers that work with David will tell you this is an obvious reason why he has the role he does at First Federal and how impactful it is on the community.

There is no shortage of home building in the area and David offers abundant personal experience having built his own home and tackled numerous renovation projects. As the Main Office’s commercial lender, David has spent 25 years working with local commercial fishing entities, restaurants, light manufacturers, auto repair companies, vehicle retail, resident rental real estate, building trades and self-employed professionals in many industries. If you want to work with someone that understands your industry and can offer wisdom you don’t traditionally see in a banker, we recommend you come to 125 Front Street and meet David.

David boasts that he has been a First Federal Savings customer for more than 30 years. The service and flexibility in how we do business with our customers can’t be found at other institutions and is what makes this bank a true community bank and one of the last remaining. When David fields an application, he sees the person, their life experiences, strengths and weaknesses, and their goals. Many banks and Loan Officers today see an arbitrary number preventing an important opportunity to understand the story of a community member and meet their needs.

If you’re looking someone that wants to learn about you, your business, and help you meet your unique needs – Give us a call at 207-442-8711. David will make time for you.

Donna Gregory, Boothbay Harbor

Donna Gregory joined our family in 2021 when First Federal Savings was in the middle of managing key retirements and well-deserved promotions at the same time. These wonderful changes came with unique challenges as our people were learning new functions. She brought a wealth of banking experience (22-years at the time) to a new opening as Head Teller in Wiscasset at a time when we needed strength and a short learning curve to help with our employee transitions and ensure we maintained the level of service and presence our customers expect of us.

She was born and raised in Boothbay and has spent her entire life local, enjoying this beautiful region. Even as a little girl, Donna had dreams of becoming a banker. She saw the importance of personal finance and financial awareness and felt it would be a meaningful endeavor to establish a career working with people in our community to explore their financial interests, needs, and help them reach their goals. She has spent time as a Teller, Head Teller, Managing and now provides leadership for us as a Loan Officer for our Boothbay Harbor branch. Donna has made it clear that she is willing to work tirelessly to find the best solution for the people she serves.

This promotion allows Laurie Simmons (AVP, Branch Manager) to focus on managing the branch operations and doing all the amazing things that our customers have grown to love of her over the years and allows Jean Huber (VP and former Loan Officer and Branch Manager) to be a full time Financial Advisor, expanding our availability for customers interested in financial planning. First Federal Savings wants to make sure we have the right people and the right level of availability to do meaningful work for the Boothbay Harbor community. Donna shared that she has loved her transition to First Federal Savings and plans to stay with the Bank well past her retirement so she can stay loyal to those she serves in the community and continue to help them find the solutions that best meet their needs in life.

We asked Donna to share some of her favorite memories in banking, because sharing that with our customers and community sheds a lot of light on her character and the type of person that she is, under the covers of the relationships she has, and those she can establish at First Federal Savings. She spoke candidly about her experiences with first time homebuyers, and the feeling that comes with making such a big moment in life, or dream come true, for the people she has had the pleasure of serving. When a young couple is looking for funds to buy that perfect and reliable vehicle as they plan for their first newborn. Or being there to help someone find a new path as they navigate their way through life’s curve balls like medical emergencies, surmounting credit card debt, or other things that seem impossible to get past. These are the types of things that make Donna feel whole and bring her back to Townsend Avenue each morning.

We feel lucky to have her as a part of the First Federal Savings family and we look forward to seeing what she can do for you in the years to come.

Come meet Donna at our Boothbay Harbor branch or call us at 207-633-2660. We will make time for you.

Brenda Scherer, Damariscotta

Brenda, our Damariscotta Vice President, Branch Manager and Lender is a lifelong Mainer. As you will find with the majority of First Federal Savings employees, Brenda still finds herself living in the same town where she was raised near Damariscotta. She attended Lincoln Academy in Newcastle before moving on to Thomas College. In addition to staying close to family, the natural beauty of the lakes, oceans and mountains have kept her local, something we can all appreciate no matter how long we’ve been here.

36 years into her banking career, Brenda has excelled in a variety of roles, starting her career at Damariscotta Bank & Trust, and transitioning to First Federal Savings where she’s currently celebrating her 20th year as a leader at our institution. In addition to the people skills that she’s developed over the years, she spent time as a Teller, processing loans, bookkeeping, secretarial duties to the President, lending and more. Her experience comes together to present a skillset that goes above and beyond what most bank customers have come to expect from lenders. She has personal experience buying land and building homes which goes a long way in her role working with homeowners and developers at all experience levels.

Brenda chose First Federal Savings for the same reasons that you should. The employees are local and people she knows. We all share similar experiences that are unique to Midcoast Maine. Most importantly, she knew it was a place she could grow and establish meaningful relationships. In the same way that customers want to know their bankers and have easy access to important conversations, Brenda wants to get to know her customers to be able to better meet their needs.

If you’re looking for a partner, give us a call in Damariscotta at 207-563-3111. We’ll make time for you.

Melissa Kindlimann, Wiscasset

The more First Federal bankers you meet, the more you realize the volume of experience we cumulatively hone as bankers and as residents in Midcoast Maine. Melissa Kindlimann is no exception, calling the Bath area home for her entire life.

If you are local, then your experiences are probably a lot like Melissa’s. As a child she spent her time helping various family members; some days were spent on the farm while others were building forts in the woods or out on the lobster boat. She spent a lot of time at the Brunswick Naval Air Station with her Grandparents who were both retired Navy. She is also no stranger to BIW, with a parent that still works there today and one that just retired. She’s a proud second-generation Morse-alumnus, moving onto the University of Maine at Augusta for post-secondary education.

Melissa’s track record in Real Estate is impressive. Before coming to First Federal Savings, she spent time as a realtor, and helping a local attorney reviewing Titles and both preparing and conducting closings. The bank hired her as a Loan Officer 11 years ago because of prior work with Charlotte, our previous Wiscasset lender. This combined experience provides for a great partner for any homebuyer. Melissa has vast experience in, quite literally, every aspect of the Real Estate transaction process. She has also owned 10 homes in the past 21 years. One was a flip house. The other 9 she lived in, renovated, and sold, except for her current home.

We asked Melissa why she chose First Federal Savings – She mentioned that throughout her homeownership projects she had worked with a few different institutions and is familiarized with the secondary mortgage market. When she came to First Federal Savings it was her first experience with a portfolio lender (the bank partners with you for the life of your loan, we don’t sell it). She felt like the process was so much easier both as a lender and as a borrower, no hoops to jump through, and a meaningful relationship ensued. She was hooked. She loves the opportunity to learn the story that comes with a new customer – Their plans, their needs, their struggles, and their goals. Melissa shared that working here she feels like she matters and so do our borrowers.

If you want to find a banker that understands what it’s like to be in your shoes and bring value beyond what you think you need today – Come meet Melissa at our Wiscasset branch or call us at 207-882-6266. We’ll make time for you.

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