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Phony Text Messages


Customers are urged to NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER or the number on you card or your PIN number.

What to do if you should receive a call or text:

  1. NEVER respond with account information
  2. CALL us directly at 1-800-499-8711 and talk to a customer service representative to clarify that this is fraudulent.
  3. Continue to be vigilant with your personal information as well as your account information.

If you have been the target of this attack, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-499-8711. Remember, we will never call or text a customer asking for personal identifying information.

Report Lost or Stolen Card or Ask Questions

Within the U.S.  1-833-221-8637
Outside the U.S.  1-614-564-5105

Initiate a Dispute for Fraud or Non-Fraud Transactions


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